LawyerLine Developer Access

Webhooks and API

LawyerLine welcomes developer access to our Webhooks and other API's. Below is an example Webhook that instantly passes call info to any webhook compatible platform. Email us at webhooks@corp.lawyer.com for access and usage instructions. 

Lawyer.com CallLog Webhook Documentation

Parameter Description Datatype Notes
calledNumber Firm 800 Number String Only numbers allowed
Date Date of the call String Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Time Time of the call String Format: hh:mm Timezone
Example : "12:20pm CDT"
Timezones: EST, CDT, PT, MST, PDT
callerName Full name of the caller String  
callerFirstName First name of the caller String  
callerLastName Last name of the caller String  
callerPhone Phone number of the caller String Format: "XXX-XXX-XXXX"
Example : "213-234-2345"
callType Type of the call String call types: Potential Client,Existing Client,Previous Client,
Adversary, Court Official, Third Party Providers,Personal,
Marketing - Live Caller, Marketing - Robocall,Wrong Number,No Caller, Other
customcalltype Custom call type used by firms String  
callFor Name of the attorney for whom the call is made String  
callSummary Summary of the call as noted by the representative String  
handledBy Name of the representative who handled the call String  
callPath Message regarding the call path String Example: "Attempted transfer but asked to take message"
sentEmail To know if an eMail is sent String 0 - Not sent
1 - Sent
transferTo Name of the attorney the call is transferred to String  
lawyerEmail Email of the lawyer String  
ccEmail List of all ccemails String Example: {"1":""test@gmail.com", "2":""test2@gmail.com", "3":"", "4":"", "5":""}
callerExt Extension of the caller String  
callDisposition How a specific call is handled String Example: "Based on the chosen value call handling is done"
"Path to go for handling a specific call"
smsTo To know how a contact is made to the attorney String Example: LawyerName#1 (Text)--xxxxxxxxxx,LawyerName#2 (Email)--xxxxxxxxxx,LawyerName#3 (Email)--xxxxxxxxxx
cdAnswers Answers to the call disposition questions. Objext Example: [ { "question":"1st question", "answer":"dsf" } ]